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Salute to our Storm Workers

North East Georgia was effected by Hurricane Irma back in September this year.  And while we didn’t see huge amounts of damage like other areas further south, we did have a tropical storm that caused power outages, flooding and dangerous driving conditions. We were very fortunate to have a large group of men and women that are trained and dedicated to help us “weather the storm”. Because of these people we had only a minimum amount of time down and everyone here at Everlasting was safe and secure. We want to take a moment to Thank each of these people!  Your service means the world to us!  Thank you.

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Congratulations Melanie White!

Congratulations to Melanie White on the birth of her first grandson, Kason Thomas Huff.

Melanie’s daughter Amber and her husband Jesse Huff, welcomed their beautiful baby boy on August 10, 2017, weighing in at 6lbs. 13oz and measuring 21.25″ long.

What an adorable new addition to the family!  We can’t wait until he is old enough to come up to Everlasting so we can all hold him!

Congratulations Melanie!

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Happy Eclipse Day!

Just like the rest of the South East, Everlasting is excited for the Solar Eclipse. Employees have been buzzing about it for a few weeks now and the day is finally here. And while we all want this to be a fun experience we also ask that everyone be safe. Make sure to do your homework and follow recommendations for viewing the Eclipse. The only after affects we hope to have are the stories that we can tell future generations of this daytime darkness. Happy Eclipse Day!

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Kaizen – Continuous Improvement!

The Matthews Management System, or MMS, is a global group that brings the LEAN methodology to all of Matthew’s locations.  This group works in tandem with the production facilities, managers and office personnel to help improve, grow and become more efficient with a greater emphasis on quality.  We at the Everlasting/Elberton location are happy to have been assigned our Continuous Improvement Engineer, Frank Perriello.  Frank and his colleague  Zuheir Obeid have already held numerous Kaizen workshops that have led to great changes in our internal systems and they have also implemented SQDV boards that help managers track and resolve quality issues.  We are excited to see this program continue to evolve and improve our quality of change, quality of work and most importantly our quality of product.

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Making Memories

April 2017, Matthews Granite held our first annual Baseball Competition.  The competition encouraged our Sales Staff to provide superior service and build stronger relationships with our customers.  The month was a huge success and we honored several employees with prizes for all of the hard work. One of our winners was Sales Rep, Jessica Wallis.  Jessica showed an exceptional amount of team work, dedication and desire to grow her customer relations and understanding of her customer’s needs.  She was awarded a set of Gwinnett Braves Baseball tickets, which she then gave to her husband and son to enjoy.  Matthews is honored to share this memory of a Father and Son enjoying a baseball game.  Family is so important to us. And we want to encourage everyone to make sure they are making the same kind of memories with their families.

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Shout out to our Shipping & Loading Departments

(pictured from left to right: Josh Dickerson – South Dock, Chad Davis – Ltl Dock, Emily Peeples – CPU Coordinator, Ben Ardister – Import Dock, Christy Zollner – Ltl Assistant, John Gaines – CPU Dock, Amy Brown – Shipping Manager, Milton Neal – Loading Manager, Rhonda Johnson – Ltl Coordinator, Trena Haynes – CT Coordinator, Cedric Murray – Loading Assitant, Tanisha Teasley – Shipping Assistant, Oslen Huff – North Dock, and Summer Helms – CT Assistant)

Our Shipping and Loading Personnel have been hard at work making sure that Memorial Day orders are making it out on time. We just want to thank them for all of their hard work and dedication. This team has actually had some record breaking weeks this month and it couldn’t have happened without each and every one of them.

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Youth . Community . Family

We want to give a huge congrats to Mrs. Ann Hendrix’s (VP of Corporate Accounts) son and daughter in law – David and Christy Hendrix (coaches), and especially her grandson – Nathan Hendrix (participant) for their accomplishments with the Elbert County 4-H BB Team. The team will be heading to the 2017 NRA National BB Shoot Competition in Rogers, AK. The home of the Daisy BB Company. Mrs. Ann will definitely be in attendance as she makes a point to be present for every competition. These three generations of Hendrix demonstrate exactly what Matthews Granite stands for – involvement in youth, community and family! Good luck to the whole team!

4-H BB Team – The perfect entry-level sport for all future shooting activities.

The National Rifle Association is the governing body for rule development and competitive shooting practices. In BB gun shooting, shooters use four different Olympic-style shooting positions (standing, prone, sitting, kneeling) and fire ten shots for score from each position. The target is placed 5 meters (some 16 feet) away. A possible perfect score in each position is 100, for a total possible score of 400 points. To date, the World Record is 398. Although the black aiming circle of each target is about 3 inches in diameter, the bull’s-eye is only the diameter of a BB.

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Congratulations to the Class of 2017

We just want to take a moment to congratulate our 2017 graduates!

(shown above from left to right) – Nikki Willis (daughter of Sales Rep, Jennifer Willis), Kimberly Dennis (niece of Quarries Manager, Susan Webb), Rachel White (daughter of Sales Rep, Melanie White), Tifanni Storey (daughter of Shipping Specialist, Rhonda Johnson), Tangela Mosby (daughter of Marketing Coordinator, Julie Mosby), and Jena Sayer (daughter of Sales Manager, David Sayer).