Cremation Solutions

Industry experts predict that half of all U.S. consumers will choose cremation by 2017/18. Let Matthews Granite help you provide your families a way to memorialize their loved ones with our every growing line of cremation solutions.

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Cremation Benches

Cremation benches provide families with a purposeful area and a tranquil environment to reflect upon their loved one's life and memories.

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Cremation Pedestals

Beautify your cemetery with a Cremation Pedestal that captures the spirit of the person it memorializes. Emphasize the serenity of nature, personal religious beliefs, love of country or other unique concepts.

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Cremation Posts & Boulders

Diversify your cremation options by offering families another memorialization alternative through the use of cremation posts and boulders.

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Personal Estate Columbaria

Personal estate columbaria offer cremation families a way to memorialize while still utilizing the cemetery space that they desire.

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Feature Columbaria

Feature columbaria are a great way to turn a small space into a revenue-producing area.

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Cremation Gardens

"Cremation gardens are crucial for cemeteries to drive revenue and expand their customer base as the cremation preference continues to rise." Christine Hunsaker, Former Senior VP- Cremation Services, Stewart Enterprises, Inc.

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